Projects we back

Institute of Palliative Medicine, Calicut

Empathy, community.

Started in 1993, IPM is a not-for-profit organisation that pioneered the unique palliative care model known as the Kerala palliative model. A WHO accredited institute and research centre, it is situated in Calicut, Kerala and operates out of a campus perched in the middle of a dense mini-forest. Its unique model and culture attracts widespread community and volunteer participation in delivering palliative care at home. The campus that houses a small number of patients at any given time, is a thriving community and cultural meetup space frequented by college students who volunteer in palliative care activities. The space also sees large scale art and cultural events being organised by the community to raise funds and awareness for palliative care. In 2023, Samagata backed a large upgradation project at IPM that not only addresses the needs and issues of the ageing campus infrastructure, but specifically focuses on enhancing the community/meetup aspect of the campus which makes it a thriving hub of humanism and empathy.

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Science Gallery Bangalore

Breaking Barriers in a predesigned thinking system.

Science Gallery Bengaluru (SGB) is a not-for-profit institution for research-based engagement targeted at young adults working at the intersection of the human, natural, and social sciences, and engineering, art, and design. It runs a host of initiatives such as long stay exhibitions, fellowships, residences, and labs etc. It is a part of the global Science Gallery Network and the only one in Asia.

In 2023, Samagata backed the Theory Lab at SGB—a 20-seater meetup space that aims at bringing together a community of “anti-disciplinary” thinkers across science, nature, art, design, performance & engineering.

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Regional Science Centre and Planetarium, Calicut

Access to the wonders of space and science.

Opened in 1997, Regional Science Centre and Planetarium (RSCP) is a space and science centre in Calicut, Kerala. A Government of India institution, RSCP hosts lakhs of visitors annually who interact with the wide range of science and technology exhibits at the centre. The RSCP runs a host of activities, exhibitions, and programmes, especially for children, in addition to the regular space shows in its large 3D domed projection theatre. In 2023, Samagata signed an MoU with the govt. to jointly fund the revamp and modernisation of RSCP’s infrastructure and facilities.

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Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore

Access to the wonders of space and science.

Opening in 1989, JNP is a premiere science centre and planetarium situated in the heart of Bengaluru. It is frequented by lakhs of visitors every year. JNP conducts numerous science and astronomy initiatives including exhibitions, seminars, lectures, science demonstrations on a regular basis.

  • Taralaya—Samagata backs the Taralaya program that offers fully funded day trips to school children from govt. schools from various parts of Karnataka, especially rural areas, to Bangalore to experience the various exhibits and programmes at JNP.
  • Research Education Advancement Program (REAP)—A rigorous, three-year science program run on weekends for undergraduate students. Originally started in 1996, 135+ students out of the program have obtained PhDs and gone on to become prominent academics and scientists. In 2023, Samagata setup an endowment for JNP to provide scholarships to REAP students for a period of 20 years.
  • The Telescope Borrowing Program lends telescopes to amateur astronomers, enthusiasts, and hobbyists. Started in 2023, Samagata has funded the acquisition of telescopes for the program including the upcoming procurement of a large, flagship telescope.

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TinkerSpace, Kochi

For the love for tinkering.

Opened in 2022, TinkerSpace is a not-for-profit community space for technology enthusiasts, tinkerers, coders, and hackers. Situated in the vicinity of the CUSAT university campus, it is now a thriving hub where hundreds of enthusiasts, hobbyists, students, and professionals interested in the intersection of technology, art, philosophy mingle, brainstorm, build, and have fun on a daily basis. The space operates 24×7 and is open to all and hosts numerous inter-disciplinary workshops and events regularly. Samagata backs the running of the space and originally helped Mehar (co-founder of TinkerHub) and friends setup the space, the physical evolution of the TinkerHub tech community that has operated across Kerala’s colleges for close to a decade.

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Courtyard Koota, Bangalore

A space driven by curiosity and not scale.

Courtyard Koota is a community + event space in Kengeri, Bengaluru that cuts across art, music, science, learning, and culture amongst other things. Samagata supports Makkala Masti at Courtyard Koota, an outreach programme that knits together education, arts, and theatre for govt. school children in the surrounding villages. The programme employs dedicated teachers for working with students and provides an avenue for the children to participate in the various activities at the event space.

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Paper Crane Lab, Bangalore

Maker, tinker, builder lab.

Paper Crane Lab (PCL) is a not-for-profit organisation focusing on experiential STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) through the intersection of art and science. PCL operates a small maker space in Indiranagar, Bangalore where children gather and tinker with technologies and crafts—from 3D printing to carpentry and papercraft—in addition to participating in various events. Samagata backed the expansion project of PCL’s existing space.

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The Long House Collective, Calicut

A community art collective.

The Long House Collective (LHC) is a community art space operating from within a historic repurposed go-down in the small but burgeoning “art district” area by the beach in Calicut, Kerala. Samagata backed Sherin, an indie-artist and curator, and the founder of LHC, to setup the space in 2023 with the aim of kick starting a thriving art community through conversations, art gatherings, exhibitions, workshops. The space also aims at being an artist’s residency amongst other things.

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Indic Digital Archive Foundation

Languages and digital archival of history and culture.

Started in 2022, Indic Digital Archive Foundation (IDAF) is a not-for-profit organization that works on digital archival and preservation of Indic language cultural artefacts such as books, publications, and documents, making them available for free and open access. Its flagship projects include Granthappura, a large, growing collection of books and documents related to Kerala and Malayalam; Olam, an open-source Malayalam dictionary used by ~2.5 million people monthly. Samagata backs the running of the organisation including the procurement of technology such as book scanners necessary for its archival work.

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