The needle moves a little when intent, skills, and resources come together.

We strive to bring them together.


Samagata Foundation is a non-profit organisation in India that supports projects and ideas—even the little ones—that bring value to society. We work across areas including science, culture, art, technology, and education with a specific focus on the creation of public commons, institutions, and community spaces that enables the coming together of ideas and sparks of creation.

We strive to enable small, positive ripples that have the potential to generate bigger positive outcomes in this infinitely chaotic and absurd world. After all, it is the Butterfly Effect, the tiniest of events, the most random of coincidences, that transform into whirlwinds of change.

samāgata / समागतः, ಸಮಾಗತ, സമാഗത / adjective. those which have come together.

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