Samagata Foundation is a non-profit Section 8 organisation founded in India in 2022. We support projects and ideas—even the little ones—that bring value to society. We work across areas including science, culture, art, technology, and education with a specific focus on the creation of public commons, institutions, and community spaces.

We strive to enable small, positive ripples that have the potential to generate bigger positive outcomes in this infinitely chaotic and absurd world. After all, it is the Butterfly Effect, the tiniest of events, the most random of coincidences, that transform into whirlwinds of change.

What we do

We support individuals and organisations who are passionately committed to projects that bring about positive societal change. Be it institutions that elicit scientific temper and curiosity in children or artists who run community art spaces, we support experiments that objectively elicit the idea—“this must exist”. We focus not on immediately measurable outcomes, but the unquantifiable positive changes that can ripple and compound over time; the way society has always moved ahead.

In addition to providing financial backing via grants and investments to such efforts, we help connect the dots and act as a platform for meaningful collaborations with other like-minded efforts. It is the coming together (samāgata) of intent, skills, and resources—the triangle of fulfilment—that has always shaped history in surprising ways.

Get in touch with us at [email protected]